St. Thomas Church- If you go at the right time you can catch the famous all boys choir at this church.  I was not there at the right time for that, but I did get to hear them practicing Bach on the organ while I visited his final resting place inside the church.  It was moving to be at the location where Bach spent most of his working life, and listen to his music with magnificent acoustics.  

Stasi Museum- This is one of those museums that is exactly how you want it to be-unchanged. There are still handwritten descriptions, which makes it feel a bit like a classroom presentation from grade school. For such a dark time in history, this type of old-school exhibit gives the experience some humor.

Museum of Musical Instruments-  If you are a music lover you should not miss this museum! It has one of the largest musical instrument collections in the world, and it houses one of three surviving true pianos built by Bartolomeo Cristofori.  Hints:  Behind the museum is the Old St John's Cemetery, which is worth a look.  Wagner's mother and sister are buried here.  Before or After your visit have a stop at the cafe of the museum.  The woman working there is lovely and the cakes are delicious.


Auerbachs Keller-  The restaurant where Goethe's Mephistopheles first takes Faust (the only real physical location in the play), and where Goethe actually visited often while studying at Leipzig University. I ate in the Great Hall where they serve classic Saxon dishes, and tried the Kalbsgeschetzeltes (a mushroom and meat dish) that was delicious. I washed it down with a fantastic glass of red wine recommended by the efficient waitstaff.  

Bayerischer Banhof-  I came here for the original Leipzig Gose beer, which is one of my favorite beers of all time! The freshest tasting sour beer I've ever had in my life.  I also came here for a little history, because it is the oldest surviving railhead in the world.  The ambience and the beer is so wonderful that I wasn't really thinking about the food, but once I tried the traditional German dishes with impeccable service by the bartender I realized this place is perfect!


Coffe Baum- Known as the oldest café in Germany. It was a nice summery day, so we decided to have a beer on the terrace, but we walked around the inside and through the museum.  It's a place filled with history, and it has a type of fanciness that still feels comfortable.

Kaffeehaus Riguet-  You can go just to look at the building, which is indeed an architectural gem, but I recommend you stop in for a coffee and a piece of cake too.  A relaxing place with beauty all around you.

Vary Record Store & Café- This is one of those cafes you can hang out in all day.  The staff play good music, the environment is open and comfortable, you can find out about interesting shows going on here or in the city, and maybe even buy a record or two.  I highly recommend stopping by this cafe for a visit.  

Café Fleischerei- A beautiful bar housed in an old butcher shop.  They too play good music, and the bar has a cozy vibe like you could be at someone's really amazing looking house. Make sure you look up!


I stayed at an apartment listed on Airbnb right near Eisenbahnstraße. I have since learned that the street is considered to be very dangerous for Germany, but I did not get that feeling while staying there. There was a multi-cultural vibe, and it seemed a bit up-and- coming with some grimy areas, but it all seemed non-threatening to me.