Ship of Fools- Statue based on the German satire Ship of Fools

Nuremberg Toy Museum- A fantastic museum! Toys from the 1800’s to modern times.  An amazing collection.  I loved it!

Albrecht Dürer’s House- What’s great about this museum is that you are walking around in Dürer’s real house from the 1500s and it’s impressive to be in a house that old to begin with, but then it also survived many wars.

Germanic National Museum- I came here originally to see the oldest known surviving terrestrial globe, but all of the exhibits were impressive.  A great museum to learn about the cultural history of Germany.


Palais Schaumberg- You should go here to get the Spatler and if you need a break from pork they have some nice vegetarian selections.  You can’t beat the vibe of this place and the staff were so friendly going over every item on the special with me in English. (It’s near the Palace of Justice if you decide to visit that museum which to be honest was not my favorite, but I felt it was important to visit the location of the Nuremberg trials)

Brezen Kolb- They have them all over the city and they are delicious!  I didn’t even really like pretzels before I came to Germany.  My favorite is the butter with garlic and chives.

Burg Backerei- Cinnamon donut.  I would try any of the baked goods here, but I tried the cinnamon donut.  The woman that served me was exactly what you would want from a baker:  Cheerful and pleasant.  I felt like I was in a movie that’s how perfect she looked and acted. 

Historische Bratwurstkuche zum Gulden Stern- Historic sausage house in Nuremberg.  This is known to be the oldest sausage house still operating in the world.  I like the Nuremberg sausages.  They are small like a breakfast sausage.  I got the horseradish cream with mine, and it was perfection.


Mesengeige- My favorite bar in Nuremberg!  It is absolutely delightful and they play great music. You feel like you walked on the set of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.  There is an arthouse attached to the bar.  It is a fantastic place!

Café Katz- Great place for a drink, a bite, and people watching.  I made it there right when it started to rain so it was perfect.

Kloster- A rocker bar that has a haunted cloister feel.  Very friendly bartender and a good selection of booze.

Hausbrauerie Alstadthof- A beer that you can only get here, and they do a rock cut cellar tour.

Lederer Kulturbrauerei- A great beer garden that we actually stumbled upon because of their delightful crocodile logo.  He pours himself beer with his tail!  It doesn't get much better than that!


Design Hotel Vosteen-A hotel that has been a guesthouse since the 1950’s.  Really charming and comfortable. Great service and very clean.