Rogalowe Muzeum- An entertaining presentation on how to make the Saint Martin's Croissant, and the history of the croissant all inside a beautiful room of a renaissance tenement.

Citadel Park- Some highlights of the park are "The Unrecognized Ones," by Magdalena Abakanowicz, the cemetery, and various other sculptures hiding in nature.

"The Unrecognized Ones"

"The Unrecognized Ones"

Poznan Cathedral- One of the oldest churches in Poland dating from the 10th century. I had the good luck of walking around the inside with no other people there except a few priests.  




I would walk across Jordan Bridge to Ostrówek street (a hipster type area) and take your pick of cool restaurants. I chose Vine Bridge one of the smallest restaurants in Poland that cooks traditional Polish food with a modern twist.  The star of this restaurant is the chef. The food tasted like eating in grandma's kitchen, but with a refined touch. The service was great too.  My only complaint about the experience was that for some strange reason they were playing loud obnoxious Europop music.  It didn't go with the ambience or the food, and it was jut plain bad music. That being said, the food was so delicious that I would still go back.



Bastion Colomb-  The remaining part of a fort built in 1854 was turned into a bar in the 90's. Drinking in a fort is cool! It's a great bar that plays heavy metal music (good choice for the atmosphere), has a good selection of Polish beer, and has friendly bartenders that speak English. You can sit inside the remains of the dark fort or outside on a nice sunny patio.

KontenerArt- A cultural center in old shipping containers by the river with art, music, and drinks. A fun place!



The view from my room.

The view from my room.

Brovaria- A hotel located in a historic tenement house right in the middle of Old Town with it's own brewery downstairs. The room was comfortable and clean, and the location was perfect.