Hotel Iso-Syöte

Hotel Iso-Syöte


I came here to stay in a cabin and be surrounded by nature. It is gorgeous in Iso-Syöte, and all of Northern Finland.  I chose Iso-Syöte because it is the southernmost fell (closest getting back to civilization), and because it gets the most snow. You need to rent a car, and choose where you want to go. Be prepared, because Reindeer actually cross your path all the time on the drive up. It's wonderful!

Santa Claus Village- From where I was staying in Iso-Syöte it was about a two hour drive to the Arctic Circle, and it is so worth it. They have plenty of restaurants and shops in Santa Claus Village. I recommend going to the post office and sending a letter to your favorite child from Santa's address. The coolest thing is to stand on the line of the Arctic Circle.



I recommend getting groceries before you get to this region, because they charge extra once you get to the area knowing that there is Nothing around.


Don't forget that Finland doesn't sell alcohol on Sundays, so make sure you stock up if you are wanting to have a drink in the cabin.


I had a wonderful experience staying at  Hotel Iso-Syöte. I chose a cottage with a sauna and a fireplace. It was perfect for me, and my favorite part was lighting a fire every night and it being completely silent except for the crackle of the fire. I also had many different weather situations while I was visiting: rain, hail, fog, and sunshine. It was magical.