Vapriikki- A museum with a vast array of so many different exhibits: Hurriganes (popular Finnish band), the postal service, dolls, minerals, hockey, communication etc.  It's a fun and impressive museum.

Arthouse Cinema Niagara- A great arthouse playing independent films you watch it in a intimate red-filled room. They show movies in English or original version.

Amuri Museum

Amuri Museum

Amuri Museum of Workers Housing- I really appreciate this museum, and found it a fascinating glimpse into the lives of regular working people that worked in the factories of Tampere from the late 1800's-1970's.The staff is knowledgeable and it is a unique experience to walk through these houses.

Hurriganes stage set-up

Hurriganes stage set-up



Pyynikki Observation Tower Cafe- I came here for the doughnuts baked on location, and it was yummy!  Added Bonus: It was so much fun going to the top of the observation tower, and looking down at the beautiful nature of Tampere.

Hook- Supposedly hot wings is a thing in Tampere, so I decided to try some.  I heard this place was one of the best in town, and the wings were pretty good to be so far away from Buffalo, New York. Having a giant, cold beer and hot wings while traveling is a win, win situation.

Plevna Pub- I came here for the traditional black pudding sausage of Finland, and it was tasty. There is a nice selection of beers on tap too, and the service is friendly. There is also a little bit of history in this pub, set in a historic weaving hall, it is the first location electricity was installed in the Nordic countries.



Ravintola 931- This is the coolest place I found in Tampere for a drink. It's attached to the Arthouse Cinema Niagara. The bartender is pleasant and helpful, and besides his other many jobs he also plays records, and he plays good music. I tried a sour beer there, and enjoyed the artsy atmosphere before heading into my movie. I highly recommend you stop by this place for a drink while you are in Tampere.

Valssi- This is the restaurant at the Vaprikki Museum, but it's a great place to grab a coffee and croissant and relax. The large windows of the building let in a lot of light, and the view is of the river and surrounding old factory buildings.  


I loved the Airbnb apartment I stayed at so much that I often just got a bottle of wine or some beer, and enjoyed it at the apartment. It had a gorgeous view and a sauna.


Listen to the Hurriganes!

I must say that I really enjoyed my time in Tampere.  I love how the town has repurposed many of their factory buildings, and it is a truly unique experience to visit Tampere.