I arrived by train at station La Concordia.  A beautiful building built in 1902.

Mercado de la Ribera One of the largest indoor markets of Europe with an Art deco style.  The produce, seafood, meat and cheese all looked fresh and delicious. This market also has different restaurants where you can try tasty food.

Mercado de la Ribera

Mercado de la Ribera

Take a funicular up the mountain for a day with hiking and sidra!  



One of the main reasons for my visit to Bilbao was to check out the Guggenheim. It did not disappoint, and just like the Guggenheim Puppy I found myself in deep contemplation after experiencing the exhibits.  Two artists that really grabbed my attention: Louis Bourgeios "The Cells" is incredible.  She represents such an understanding of life as a woman and an artist.  Her art reveals moments of haunting beauty and raw emotion.  The other artist is Anselm Kiefer with his symbolism of connection between humans and the other world and his reaction to war and ugliness in the world.

Visit Azkuna Zentroa a great cultural center with art (Jeremy Deller currently), a ciné, restaurants, a library, a gymnasium and it's all located in an old wine warehouse. 



Bilbao known as a place for eating and drinking, and I did plenty of it.  Here are some of my favorite spots for amazing food & drinks in Bilbao:

Mr. Marvelous (salad with octopus, txakoli, extremely friendly staff),

El Perro Chico (atún rojo, cochinita pibil, botte of Angelitos Negros from the Toro region) 

Cafe Iruna (lamb skewers, txakoli and a gorgeous atmosphere)

Cafe Baobab (cafe con leche, calm atmosphere)

El Globo (pintxos & sidra, people watching)

Galipó (charcuterie board, vintage style atmosphere, great bartender)

Txakoli Simon (chuleta & sidra, on the mountain)


View from Cinema Caravan

View from Cinema Caravan


  Cinema Caravan- A cute boutique hotel that has each room themed after a director. I stayed in the Clint Eastwood room, and this is the view.  The location was perfect in Casco Viejo.



Walk around and look at all of the different buildings and bridges.

Song for the trip: Sinead O'connor's Nothing Compares to You played many times in various bars/restaurants of Bilbao.  I'm not sure why this is, but now it must be the song of Bilbao.