Museum of the Ninth Fort- A fortress that was constructed in the 19th century that would later be used as place to house political prisoners during the Soviet occupation, and during the Nazi occupation was used as a place of mass murder.  At least 10,000 Jewish men, women, children, and babies were transported here and murdered by Nazis with the help of some Lithuanians. The Way of Death (the path the Jewish families would have walked to their doom) ends with a striking Monument to the Victims of Fascism.  It's a difficult exhibit to finish, but it is important to learn the personal stories of the victims, and some survivors of the Holocaust. One positive story, 64 prisoners did manage to escape the fort but only 11 survived. However, it is because of those 11 survivors that we know the true story of what happened at this horrible prison.  I would say, you must visit this prison to honor the memory of those whose lives were taken, but that you will leave with a heavy heart.

Devils' Museum- Known as being the only devil museum in the world. It was started by Antanas Žmuidzinavičius, and now has a collection of over 2,000 devil carvings, objects and sculptures.  It's a fun museum!


Tip: Communication History Museum is permanently closed.  



Gurme- A farm to table restaurant in an intimate setting in a cellar.



Motiejaus Kepyklele- Great coffee, great pastries, and great service.  An oasis of calm and quiet in a town that really loves pop music.

Avilys- A great brewery to get unpasteurized local beer. Located in an 18th century cellar.