Northern Forts

Northern Forts


Northern Breakwater- A lovely walk along the sea with time for contemplation.

Northern Forts- Walking through the labyrinth of ruined forts that were built in the 1900s, and later blown up along the seaside make for an otherworldly experience. Families picnic here and it is a nice bike ride from the city. I rented my bike at the local tourism office, and it was easy.

Holy Trinity Cathedral- A unique and impressive interior with one of the largest mechanical organs (was the largest until 1960s) inside.

Karosta Prison

Karosta Prison

Karosta Prison- Originally meant to be a hospital, in the late 1800s it began to be used as a military prison until the late 1990s, and is now a museum.  The life of prisoners here was harsh, but they were not killed nor tortured.  The power of the country changed hands many times and so did the prison with it, so the artifacts are various and interesting; Russian, Nazi, Soviet, and Latvian.  You can stay here if you want too, but that is something I have zero interest in.  Sounds like a nightmare really.  I will say that our English tour-guide was informative and knowledgable. I recommend you go early to watch the short film, and the beer they serve at the little cafe area is a delicious local unpasteurized beer. The woman working the cafe is an absolute delight.



Pastnieka Maja

Pastnieka Maja

Pastnieka Māja- Set in a beautiful old house that once belonged to a post man, the food is everything you want in Liepaja.  I tried the traditional dish, Liepajas Mencini, a delicious stew of cold smoked cod, potatoes, onion, cream and dill, and I washed it down with a fresh local dark beer, Lielvārdes. It was a perfect meal.

Trīs Kungi- A cute restaurant with many locals. I couldn't help myself and had to try Liepājas Mencini again.  It was good here too.



Try Riga Black Balsam, a traditional Latvian herbal liqueur! Yum!

Kafejnīca Darbnīca- A cool place to get a coffee and a pastry.



Unfortunately, I can only recommend where not to stay, and that is Villa Jana.  I wanted to stay here, because it is located in a historic building near the sea, but it's just not what you want it to be. It's overpriced and run down. 



Walking around and looking at the gorgeous abandoned mansions is a unique experience. Liepaja is a little bit like a ghost town.